AEROMOVEL is a reliable, efficient and cost-effective innovation in passenger transportation that uses air propulsion for the movement of lightweight, high volume vehicles. Our technology is truly unique, with the established goal to reduce cost through simplicity. The name "AEROMOVEL" is derived from the three terms that define the concept: "Aerodynamic," "Movement," and "Elevated." And that is literally, the secret of AEROMOVEL's cost effective design.

AEROMOVEL combines low capital cost, high performance, easy and fast implementation, environmental compatibility, comfort and reliability through its unique pneumatic propulsion technology.

Internationally patented, the AEROMOVEL technology, using steel wheels and rails on an elevated guideway, is designed for safe, economical and environmentally friendly applications.

The advantages of AEROMOVEL flow directly from the system's uncomplicated concepts and extremely high payload to weight ratio. This results in demonstrably reduced installation, operation and maintenance costs in comparison with conventional fixed guideway transit.

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