Back row from left: Governor R.E. Mabus, R.H.Deihl (ex-member), J.R.Mellor, K.A.Alireza.
Front row from left:P.M.Hawley, H.J.Haynes, H.D.Shah, J.D.Bonney. Oskar H.W.Coester and James W.Thomas (not portrayed) are also members of the Board.
Khalid A. Alireza, Executive Director of Xenel Industries, Ltd. Mr. Alizera is a founding partner, and Executive Director of Xenel Industries Ltd., a holding company with investments in many large joint ventures with international companies in engineering, construction, services, industrial and trading activities.

J. Dennis Bonney, Chairman of the Board. Mr. Bonney has served in several capacities for Chevron Corporation, including Vice Chairman of the Board from 1987 to 1995.

Oskar H.W. Coester, Vice President, Research and Development. Mr. Coester is the inventor of the Aeromovel Technology. Mr. Coester was the former Head of Avionics Maintenance Department of VARIG Airlines. In the 1970's, Mr. Coester created Coester Electronics, the only company in Latin America qualified to manufacture gyroscopic systems, navigation equipment and echo sounders for the Brazilian Navy. In 1979, Mr. Coester built the first Aeromovel pilot line, which still operates in Brazil.

Philip M. Hawley, former Chairman of the Board and CEO of Krause's Furniture Inc. Mr. Hawley is also the former Chairman and CEO of Carter Hawley Hale Stores, Inc.

H.J. (Bill) Haynes, currently serves as Chairman of the Board of Counselors of the Bechtel Group, Inc. (BGI), and as a BGI Director. Mr. Haynes was Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Chevron from 1974 till 1981.

Raymond E. Mabus, Jr., currently is "of Counsel" to Baker, Donelson, Bearman & Caldwell. Formerly Governor of Mississippi, Governor Mabus has also served as United States Ambassador to the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

James R. Mellor, currently is Chairman of USEC, Inc. Mr. Mellor is former Chairman and CEO of General Dynamics. Mr. Mellor was Chairman of General Dynamics from May 1994 until June 1997.

Hasu D. Shah, Chief Executive Officer and Chief financial Officer. As Executive Vice President of Saudi Cable Company (SCC), Mr. Shah has been involved in all phases of the development of SCC and its group of companies since 1978.

James W. Thomas, President and Chief Executive Officer of Xenel International U.S.A., Xentury City Development Company, Howard Advertising Inc., and The Cylix Corporation. Mr. Thomas has managed the affairs of Xenel International in the United States since 1978.

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