The Pilot System 


The AEROMOVEL System is located in downtown Porto Alegre, Brazil. The system consists of a single track shuttle with one vehicle and two stations. The main aim is to test, demonstrate, develop and certify components and subsystems. It also provides a prototype to certify other lines.

Taman Mini Indonesia Indah AEROMOVEL System 


The AEROMOVEL system is located within the recreational theme complex, Taman Mini Indonesia Indah, in Jakarta, Indonesia. This system has carried more than three million passengers over the last nine years. The system consists of a single track elevated guideway connecting six passenger stations along a 3.2km (2mi) loop. Three single-articulated vehicles operate in the line simultaneously. Each vehicle consists of two compartments with full internal access. Two vehicles were designed to carry 104 seated passengers and the third one was designed for 48 seated and 252 standing passengers.

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