AEROMOVEL blowers propel air (under low pressure) through a duct built into the guideway. The pressurized air pushes a propulsion plate attached to the bottom of the vehicle. This propulsion plate acts like an upside down sail, propelling the vehicle forward and helping to stop it when the air flow is reversed.

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Propulsion System
Control System

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AEROMOVEL with its exclusive right-of-way and comparatively short headways is designed to carry up to 10,000 passengers per hour per direction.

The light weight of AEROMOVEL vehicles ensures that energy is not wasted moving heavy deadweight (empty vehicles); the extreme simplicity and high reliability of AEROMOVEL results in reduced maintenance requirements.

Air propulsion eliminates the problems of heavy rail traction; wear on wheels and tracks is reduced to a minimum.

Acceleration and deceleration are smooth and efficient; traction noise and vibration are minimized; vehicle speed can reach 80 km per hour (50 mph) in urban applications.

The combination of pneumatic propulsion and non-axle wheel design permits AEROMOVEL vehicles to climb steep gradients up to 12% and traverse sharp curves with a radius as low as 25 meters (82 Feet).

The use of stationary air blower permits optimum design of power plants in relation to specific requirements for each route segment. Major cost savings are obtained by appropriate sizing of air blowers for each route section.

Capital and maintenance cost is low, due to simplicity of design and high reliability of the components, like proven industrial air blowers.

The electric motors on the air blowers are sturdy, completely independent units. Because the purpose of these motors is to pump air, not drive the vehicle, maintenance requirements are minimal.

Operation is fully automatic. No drivers are required on-board. High reliability automation systems are used for protection, control and supervision of the vehicle operation.



Free of the weight of on-board traction equipment and motors, the vehicle is very light and simple, carrying 2 to 3 times more people per ton of deadweight than most alternatives.

The enclosed propulsion plate is rigidly attached underneath the vehicle preventing derailment.

Steel wheels combined with lightweight vehicles ensure reduced noise and vibration levels.

The new AEROMOVEL vehicle contains state-of-the-art aerodynamic features, which sets it apart from many current APM vehicles.

The vehicle is fully compliant with NFPA, ADA and other U.S. codes and standards.

When requested, the AEROMOVEL vehicles will be outfitted with modern, efficient roof mounted HVAC units. These optional units have been widely used by the transit industry and provide maximum comfort at a minimum cost.



The vehicle is driven by a pneumatic propulsion system which converts electrical power into air flow and transmits thrust directly to the vehicle without gears or intervening electric circuits.

Stationary electrical blowers, located close to the passenger stations produce the necessary pressurized air, which is generated according to the desired vehicle acceleration rate and speed.

Excellent system reliability is achieved by using these sturdy, proven industrial components.

The power propulsion units are completely contained in sound-insulated housing units.

The variable speed motors increase efficiency and minimize any loss of energy.

Large, powerful motors provide AEROMOVEL with a wide range of air movement capability, while keeping the cost of operation and maintenance at a minimum.

The stationary power propulsion units reduce wear and allow simple and efficient maintenance, because they are separated from the moving vehicle.



AEROMOVEL joined forces with Allen-Bradley's Industrial Automation Systems Division of Rockwell International to produce a "cutting edge" transit control system. The system is fully automated and uses proven Programmable Logic Controllers.

The Industrial Automation approach is extremely reliable, safe and eliminates human error.

Modular philosophy enables the standardized development of numerous reusable modules. These pre-programmed modules can be applied from project to project with a minimum of alteration and maximum reliability.

The Control System is also the center of communications, station supervision and the depository of all vital functions.



The fixed guideway of AEROMOVEL consists of a pre-fabricated box beam, which supports the track and vehicles, and through which the air circulates.

For rapid construction and minimum disruption to surrounding activities, the guideway is erected in pre-fabricated modular sections in pre stressed concrete or steel, which may be readily lifted into place by day or night.

The elevated guideway can accommodate gradients up to 12%, and tight horizontal curves with radii as low as 25 meters.



Vehicles travel on an elevated and exclusive guideway, eliminating grade crossing congestion and accidents.

The propulsion concept has the intrinsic safety feature of an air buffer between propulsion plates which helps to prevent collision between vehicles.

Vehicles can not derail; propulsion plates inside the duct are rigidly connected to the vehicle trucks.

Automation includes redundant and high reliability systems. Operation of vehicles is supervised by an automatic train protection system.

Dual propulsion and friction emergency brakes are provided.

Emergency exits at both ends of the vehicle allow easy passenger evacuation.

The guideway itself acts as a passenger escape route.

Two-way communication between vehicle and central control post is standard.

Friction brakes on the vehicle are not required except for parking at stations and are essentially redundant because the vehicles can be stopped using the propulsion system alone.





Perhaps AEROMOVEL's greatest benefit is its favorable influence on patterns of land use. AEROMOVEL concentrates on growth and development, increasing the surrounding land value while at the same time alleviating the necessity to build costly infrastructure. There is minimal noise emission and no air pollution. Traffic congestion and grade crossing incidents are eliminated; land acquisition and utility relocations are reduced to a minimum.

AEROMOVEL can be put wherever it is needed with little impact on ecological systems. The environmental equilibrium is not only sustained but enhanced by the pleasing aesthetics of AEROMOVEL. In a community, AEROMOVEL fits the bill of a good neighbor - a neighbor that everyone is proud to have.


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