AEROMOVEL Global Corporation (AGCO or AEROMOVEL) was formed in 1994 to organize and coordinate the marketing, design, engineering, construction, operation and maintenance of AEROMOVEL transit worldwide through its regional subsidiaries, affiliates and licenses. AEROMOVEL will generally work with a local developer, the financial community, and the construction industry as part of an "Implementation Consortium." The Company will not, however, typically take on the developer's role. Instead, the Company will focus on the role of "Technology Provider" and will assist in the design and engineering management required for the implementation of the project.

At a minimum, the implementation team will include the local operating subsidiary, a general contractor, and an engineering company. This approach, although established to rigidly achieve compliance with the generic designs and standards required by the AEROMOVEL technology, is flexible enough to respond to the unique structural and contractual needs of each customer. The Implementation Consortium may include some or all of the Company's "strategic alliances" referenced below.

Strategic Alliances with Industry Partners:

AEROMOVEL has forged industry relationships with several key manufacturers, vendors, engineers, contractors, and financial institutions. AEROMOVEL has developed alliances with the following industry members:

Rockwell Automation-Rockwell's Allen-Bradley and Reliance Electric divisions are providing design, manufacturing, and installation services for the new generation AEROMOVEL System's automated train control system and power propulsion unit respectively.

Parsons Transportation Group, the engineering division of Parsons Corporation specializing in transportation projects, has evaluated AEROMOVEL's technology and has been retained to upgrade the Company's basic engineering package and serve as the "engineer of record." Parsons is responsible for ensuring AEROMOVEL's compliance with U.S. regulations and codes, in addition to providing general planning and engineering consultation services.

J.P. Morgan Chase- J.P. Morgan Chase has provided the Company with financial advice with respect to its capital structure and specific deployments of the AEROMOVEL System.

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